Curatorial Texts


“Desde El Borde”


"Biomorfismo y Dinámica Barroca en la Obra de Javier Martén"


“Organic Abstraction and Life” by curator Ralph C.

Biomorphism founded by Hans Arp, is a one-man movement inherited by Javier Marten. This Costa Rican artist was born in the midst of jungles windy volcanoes and colourful skies.

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La Amenaza. Revista Arte Al Límite, por Andrés Isaac Santana - February 2017

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Art and Shop.  María Galera, Meet the artist - March, 2015

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Artículo Klaus Steinmentz - March, 2015.

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Conversation between Federico Herrero and Javier Martén - February, 2015.